Create Beautiful Emails. Fast & Free.

Create Beautiful Emails. Fast & Free.

Start from hundreds of templates. No-code, total design flexibility. Use them anywhere.

Create Beautiful Emails. Fast & Free.

Drag n’ Drop Email Builder

Create gorgeous, responsive emails in minutes.
Drag and drop entire rows or individual content elements.
Drop images directly from your desktop. Clone and rearrange everything quickly.

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Mobile Responsive

Don't worry about how your email will look:
we constantly test in lots of email programs
on different devices. It's email design peace of mind.

Mobile Responsive

Ready-to-use Templates

Pick from one of many, professionally designed templates.
No need to register an account. It's the fastest way to awesome looking emails.

Latest Template Collection

Create HTML emails. No-code.

Create with BEE, use it anywhere. Newsletters, announcements, transactional emails: create them with BEE, download them
and use them in most programs where HTML emails are sent.


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Save in the cloud

Save, edit, share, export:
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Hundreds of templates

Unlock lots of additional templates! Use them as a starting point or just for inspiration.

Email Design Central

Design in one, central place, then quickly push to your favorite email service provider including MailChimp, GMail, Hubspot and many others.

Speed Up

Speed Up your email design. Save elements & use them again in any message.

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 ...and of course you will be able to remove the BEE signature from your templates! 

 ...and of course you will be able to remove the BEE signature from your templates! 

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